Contractions Worksheets for 1st and 2nd Grade


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Do your kiddos need extra practice with contractions? If so, then this set is for you!

►2 Pages of “Sundae” Contractions
►2 Pages of “Match 'em Up!” ~Find the 2 words to make a contraction.
►2 Pages of Contractions Match Directions: Find the 2 words that make a contraction and color them the same color. Next, write the contraction on the line. There 3 contractions in each box.
►2 Pages of “Match 'em Up!”Directions: Color the 2 words that make a contraction in each box. Write the contraction on the line.
►2 Pages of Contractions Cut and Paste ~ Directions: Cut and paste the 2 words that make up
each contraction.
►Highlight It! Directions: Find and highlight 2 words that make a contraction.
►2 Pages of Ice Cream Contractions ~ Directions: Cut and paste the words above the cone to
make a contraction.
►2 Pages of contractions Puzzles ~ Directions: Fill in the missing contractions puzzle.
►Contractions Sentences ~ Read each sentence below. Choose a word from
the word box to complete the sentence.
►Contractions Cut and Paste ~ Read each word. Decide what 2 words make a contraction, then glue.
►Roll, Read, and Color
►ABC Order (cut and paste)
►Contractions~ Directions: Help the girl get to her house. Start at the top.
Follow and color the boxes that have 2 words that can made into a contraction, until you get to the end.
►Spin a Contraction ~ Use a paper clip and a pencil. Spin 2 times. Decide if the 2 words make a contraction. Write in the correct column. Spin a total of 10 times.
►4 Pages of Interactive Notebook ~ Cut and paste into a notebook.
Cut on the dotted line.

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