Literacy Worksheets for First and Second Grade


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These literacy worksheets focus on skills that are introduced in first and second grade. Here are the skills that are included:

I have bundled these common core literacy printables with my math common core printables. 

Here is what's included:

Noun Sort (Person, Place, or Thing) Cut and Paste Words
►Kinds of Nouns (Person, Place, or Thing) Color Code
►Noun Sort (Person, Place, or Thing) Cut and Paste Pictures
►Proper and Common Noun Sort (Cut and Paste)
►Help the Children Find Their Books (Synonyms and Antonyms) Sorting Cut and Paste
►Antonym or Synonym? (Cut and Paste)
►You Decide? Antonym or Synonym (Color Code)
►Opposites ~ Write an opposite word
►Name the Same ~ Write a word that means the same.
►Brainstorm Web (What do you think of, when you think of school?)
►Adjective Web (List words that desribe your school.)
►Describe It ~ write an adjective to describe the noun listed.
►Writing ~ Write at least 3 sentences that describe your classroom, then draw a picture of it.
►Syllable Sort (1, 2, and 3) Cut and Paste words
►Star Syllables (1, 2, and 3) Color Code
►Syllable Sort (1, 2, and 3) Cut and Paste Pictures
►Noun or Adjective Sort (Cut and Paste)
►Describing Words (Highlight the adjective(s) in each sentence. Draw an arrow to the noun that it describes.
►Noun or Adjective (Color Code)
►2 pages of ABC Order (Cut and Paste)
►2 Pages of ABC Order (Writing the words)
►Abbreviations (Months) Matching
►Abbreviations (Months) Write the abbreviation
►Abbreviations (Days of Week) Write the abbreviation
►Abbreviations (Measurement Words) Matching
►Compound Words (Cut and Paste)
►Contractions Action (Cut and Paste)
►5 pages of long and short vowel cut and paste (1 for each vowel)
►1 page ~Hard and Soft C Sort (cut and paste)
►1 page ~Hard and Soft G Sort (cut and paste)
►Spinning Nouns Directions: Spin the spinner (Use a pencil and a paper clip). Write a sentence that includes that many nouns. Spin 3 times (write 3 sentences).
►Describe a cupcake “brainstorm” (use your senses) Write at least 3 sentences
►Describe a puppy “brainstorm” Write at least 3 sentences
►Syllables ~ Decide how many syllables are in picture, then color in that number of circles.
►Flap Book (Beginning, Middle, and End)
►Flap Book (Beginning, 3 Details, and End)
►Flap Book (First, Second, Next, Last)
►3 Idiom Cut and Paste Activities (6 pages total)
►Complete / Incomplete Sentence (cut and paste)
►Make It plural (cut and paste) (-s and -es)
►Write the base word
►Subject / Predicate (color code)
►Statement or Question?
►Bag the Syllables (1,2, or 3)
►You Decide, color code (noun or adjective)
►Homophone (cut and paste)
►Plurals (regular and irregular)

These printables will also provide extra practice for high 1st Grade and lower 3rd Grade.

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