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Winter Worksheets for 1st and 2nd Grade



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Math and Literacy Printables Activities Worksheets (64) pages of fun. All aligned to the Common Core

This packet includes the following pages:

**Which Snowman? (probability)
**Snowflake Nouns
**Build a “Long E” snow fort (follow the path of long e’s)
**Winter Compound Words
**Winter Syllables (1,2, or 3) (cut and paste)
**Can you spell the winter words (cut and paste)
**Synonym Mittens (Color blue if pair are synonyms, green if not.)
**Build a “Long A” snow fort (follow the path of long a’s)
**Help the children find their mittens (Synonym, Antonym Sort) Cut and Paste
**Help the children find their mittens (Odd and Even) Cut and Pasted (numbers)
**Help the children find their mittens (Odd and Even) Solve the problem, then sort by cutting and pasting
**It’s Time for Snow (Draw the hands on clock to show time given.)
**It’s Time for Snow (Write the time shown on clock.)
**Winter Fractions -Color the picture to represent the fraction given.
**How many words can you make from “snowman”?
**Correct a sentence (snow theme, correct mistakes)
**2 Pages ~Fill in the missing numbers (puzzles from the hundreds chart)
**Is it Odd or Even? (cut and paste)
**Odd or Even (color code)
**Long E or Short E (cut and paste)
**Long O or Short O (cut and paste)
**Scrambled sentences (unscramble the words to make a sentence)
**Fact Families Fort (color related fact families the same color)
**What goes in the box (in and out boxes) winter theme
**Snow Fact Families (2 pages)
**Is it a noun or a verb? (Cut and Paste sort)(winter words)
** 3 Pages ~Winter Picture Graphs (Answer questions)
**Snowman Addition Facts
**2 Pages of ABC Order (winter words)
**What Time is It? (Cut and paste, match times to clocks)
**2-Digit Addition (No Regrouping)
**2 Pages of 2-Digit Addition (Regrouping)
**2-Digit Subtraction (No Regrouping)
**2-Digit Subtraction (Regrouping)
**Expanded Form (Cut and paste, match the expanded form to correct number)
**What goes in the box? (in and out addition and subtraction boxes.)
**Snowball Tally Marks
**2 Pages of “What is the difference? What is the sum?
**Ordinal Numbers (Following directions)
**2 Pages of writing a set of numbers from least to greatest, then greatest to least. What is the median?
**2 Pages of Fact Families (Write the 4 problems for each set of numbers.)
**4 Pages of Roll, Add, and Color (2 dice)
**2 Pages of Roll, Add, and Color (3 dice)

**Just added…
*Skip Counting (2 Pages) (5s and 10s)
*Brainstorm ~ What do you think of, when you think of winter?
*Adjectives ~ Describe a snowman
*Write the steps to making a snowman (graphic organizer)
Then write in paragraph form. Draw a picture.

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