St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets

St. Patrick’s Day is basically here. Are you ready? It is completely okay if you are not…March is hard! Don’t worry! I have you covered. The St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets is perfect to get you through the rest of the week! With 37 pages included there will be plenty for you to choose from.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate. The official holiday began to celebrate the Irish heritage of those who had migrated to the United States. Now the day is full of green, leprechauns and the ever sought after pot of gold. With the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets your students will get plenty of sunshine and rainbows while still learning the necessary skills.


Math Galore

With the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets your students will get plenty of math practice. They will do addition and subtraction facts in their color by number sheets. Their answers will create fun pictures. Your students will practice symmetry and crack codes with a fun St. Patrick’s Day theme.


Language Arts

Your language arts lessons will go green with the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets. Students will work on ABC Order, reading and some writing. They will catch leprechauns and create a quilt patch. I love to take the quilt patches and put them up in the room so students can see how everyone’s work comes together.


So Much Fun

There is plenty of fun built into the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets. There are word searches and mazes to the pot of gold. Plenty of coloring pages can be found inside. Students will even learn about the Irish flag and be able to color their own. Your students will be asking for even more with this set of sheets!


Plenty to Do

You will not run out of options with the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets. You can use these for morning work each day this week. You can also put them out for early finishers or those students who need a little more practice with certain skills. You can also break the packet apart and just use the skills you need for class lessons over the next few days. The options are endless and there is plenty to do with all the fun included.


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