Benefits of Healthy Lunches for Kids

Whether your child eats the school or you pack it for them, healthy lunches for kids have many benefits worth talking about. There’s one thing we can all agree on, healthy eating goes a long way. Instilling these habits in kids have present and future benefits. Same as adults, children can experience a variety of issues when they’re hungry or aren’t getting the nutrition they need. Here are the top benefits to providing healthy lunches for kids, plus a free printable to help make your lunch meal planning much easier.

3 Benefits of Healthy Lunches for Kids

Every school should make it a priority to provide healthy lunches, and the same should apply to parents who fix their child’s school lunches. Yes, it’s easy to go for the juice pouches and processed foods, but it is becoming easier to swap for the healthy foods. Here are a few benefits to consider when packing your kid’s next lunch.

A healthy lunch can boost the immune system.

As diseases and viruses evolve, it is super important that kids (and adults alike) are given the opportunity to build their immune systems as naturally as possible. This is where healthy foods come into play. Children are more susceptible to getting viral infections and colds because their immune system is not quite developed like an adult. And since schools are considered breeding grounds for a mix of germs, one way to prevent a student from getting sick is to have a boosted immune system. Healthy lunches that include vitamins C, E, and Omega 3 fatty acids will contribute to achieving this goal. 

Heathy lunches for kids improves their concentration.

If there’s one thing all teachers can agree on, it’s the fact that keeping kids focused can be a huge task. Taking into consideration their age and grade, students already experience short attention spans; however, when their minds are not being fueled with the proper foods, it can be an even tougher problem. Foods high in vitamins B, C, D3, and Magnesium are known to help improve our concentration and productivity. These nutrients can be found in foods such as strawberries and broccoli.

Healthy foods contribute to a better attitude.

How do you feel when you’ve eaten a good, healthy meal? Chances are you feel great, you’re thinking clearly, and you’re ready to tackle the day. The same can be said for kids. When they are eating healthy meals, their attitudes can improve significantly. The body systems will be functioning up to par, which will have long-lasting effects on their overall performance. Avoid foods that are pumped with carbs and artificial sugars as they can give students a temporary boost of energy, while shortly after potentially making them tired and cranky.

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Although I have a free lunchbox planner for you, I wanted to give you some ideas for healthy lunches for kids. Use these to fill out your meal plan and take the guesswork out of what to pack your kids each day. With the ideas below, take into consideration any allergies or substitutions that may need to be made. Most of these are low-prep and easy on the budget, too!

  • Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat waffles, clementine orange slices, Swiss cheese slices, and sliced cucumbers.
  • Pretzels with apple butter for dipping and a side of fruit and veggies (tomatoes, olives, and apples).
  • Cheese quesadillas with sliced avocado and strawberries.
  • Black bean and tomato (corn optional) burritos, half avocado, and fruit (honeydew, strawberries, or cantaloupe).
  • Pasta salad topped with feta cheese and a side of grapes.
  • Yogurt and fruit, granola, and a side of carrots and green pepper sticks/slices.
  • Veggies wrap (filled with cucumber, bell peppers, and a healthy cheese with a side of kettle-cooked chips and fruit.
  • Turkey sandwich on wheat bread, hummus, and sliced bell pepper for dipping.
  • Chicken salad sandwich in pita bread, sliced cucumber, and grapes.
  • Crackers, sliced veggies, and fruit.

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Free Lunchbox Planner Printable

Don’t forget to download your free lunchbox planner printable below!

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