Christmas Fun Packet

Christmas Fun

We all want our students to have fun while they are learning, especially during the Christmas season. That is why you need the Christmas Fun Packet. It is the perfect combination of all the learning that you need to happen and the fun that you want to happen.


Over 20 Sheets of Fun

With over 20 sheets included, planning with the Christmas Fun Packet has never been easier. There are activities that are perfect for time fillers. These pages can be used in those few minutes before the end of the day when all the students have finished their work, but still have to stay in their seats. And there are also plenty of skills based worksheets. 


The Full Packet

Your students will practice skills like counting by 1’s and 5’s. The Color by Number pages work on addition facts. And with the Christmas Fun Packet, there are word scrambles, bookmarks and mystery pictures created by adding and subtracting. All the skills are covered. 


Lots of Uses

The Christmas Fun Packet can be used throughout the day in your classroom. By this point in the year you know exactly who your early finishers are. These worksheets can be placed in a folder for those students to keep them from distracting others. The worksheets are also great for classwork to practice some skills. They are also perfect for one of your centers.


Need More?

Do you need more Christmas fun in your classroom? Check out these other resources to fill the time. 

The Polar Express Worksheets

Christmas Worksheets

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