End of the Year Fun Packet

While the weeks may have gone by slowly, the months flew by! Somehow, it is already time to plan end of the year activities. During this time, students and teachers experience many emotions. Yes, there is excitement over enjoying summer, catching up on sleep, and simply relaxing. However, there is a lot of sadness as the year ends. The students all formed into a classroom family and are now saying goodbye to their classroom. To help students handle all their feelings, teachers work hard to create fun end of the year activities. For instance, the First and Second Grade End of the Year Fun Packet helps students reflect on their learning. Students will love ending the year with positivity and collaboration with their classmates. 

end of the year activities

First and Second Grade End of the Year Fun Packet 

This is the perfect end of the year fun packet! Students will love being able to practice and review the topics they learned this year. Honestly, working on this packet will help boost their confidence as they realize how much they have grown academically!

There are so many activities to help students celebrate. For instance, there are mystery pictures, Color by Number pages, mazes, subtraction practice, ABC order, and a word search. Additionally, there are coloring pages, a word scramble, and a crack-the-code sheet. Students will even design a quilt patch and an end of the year crown. 

end of the year activities

This end of the year fun packet will ensure students never forget the fantastic year they had! 


The end of the year packet works well in many formats. For instance, students can work on it during select times throughout the last days of school. Or, they can work on it during the mornings throughout the last month of school. It even works great to have on hand for early and fast finishers. No matter how students complete it, they will be so proud of themselves!

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Year-Long Busy Packet Bundle 

One of the most stressful parts of education is planning activities when students all finish at different times. Honestly, it becomes so frustrating to hear, “I’m done! Now what?” each day. Thankfully, there is a quick and easy solution to this problem with the Busy Work Packets! 

Each pack includes 25-40 pages to ensure students always have something to work on. While each pack is slightly different based on the time of year and theme, there are consistent activities. For instance, every packet will include mystery pictures, color-by-number pages with math facts, bookmarks, word searches, and symmetry pictures. Students will love the activities! 

first grade printables

Best of all, there is a packet for many themes to last the entire year! This includes back to school, Halloween, The Polar Express, and St. Patrick’s Day. In total, there are 21 packets! Students will love the consistency of each packet throughout the year. 

End of the year activities should be fun and exciting while allowing students to reflect on their learning. Thankfully, the First and Second Grade End of the Year Fun Packet does exactly this! Students will love leaving the year confident after seeing how much they’ve grown!

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end of the year activities
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