Math Games for Second Grade

Math is a challenging subject to learn! There are so many standards that students can quickly become overwhelmed. When this happens, they miss out on crucial instruction. This then leads to more anxiety. However, no teacher wants students to feel like this! Teachers want students to feel excited to learn and enjoy the lessons. A great way to do this involves using math games for second grade. When students can have fun while working on material, their minds are open and ready to learn! Luckily, the Math Games Bundle offers so many incredible options for second graders. 

math games for second grade


Honestly, there are so many amazing benefits to using math games for second grade! Yes, games are fun and exciting for students. However, there are deeper reasons why games benefit the academic needs of students. 

Math games encourage students to think strategically. For example, games require students to solve problems and move a certain way. Therefore, they are practicing various concepts but in a stress-free format. Additionally, students are using precise vocabulary and paying attention to every move. While doing this, they are developing new ways to solve problems and looking at issues differently. 


Ultimately, math games allow students to see that math is not scary. So many students develop math anxiety! Thankfully, games allow students to learn in ways they like, practice so much content, and gain confidence in their skills 

For more details on how beneficial games are, check out 5 Benefits of Using Games to Teach Math!

Examples of Math Games

Second-grade math involves many different skills! For instance, students work on multi-digit addition, subtraction, and place value. Additionally, students work on money and expanded form. Luckily, the Math Games Bundle has many examples for students to play to reinforce their understanding. 

math games bundle

The bundle includes 60 games to add some fun to learning math skills! Examples include 10 more and less, double facts, place value, missing addend, subtraction with regrouping, and counting coins. There are also games for adding with tally marks and missing addends. Honestly, there are so many skills included to ensure the math games for second grade fit every classroom! 

One of the best parts of this bundle is how easily it makes differentiation. Each student or group can work on aspects they are struggling with. Additionally, students who are mastering content quickly can work on games with upcoming math standards. Students can even play the same game while working on different skills! 

math games for second grade

While math concepts can be challenging, they do not need to be stressful to learn! When teachers use math games for second grade, students can work on many practice problems in exciting ways. Honestly, the Math Games Bundle ensures that students have plenty of repetition to gain math confidence! 

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