September Morning Work

The Days are Quickly Passing

Can you believe that it is almost August? The summer flew by and the start of fall and cooler days of September are right around the corner. I like to prepare as much ahead of time as I can, especially towards the beginning of the year when everything is chaotic. The September Morning Work bundle is a great place to start.


Math and Language

I like to mix up my morning work between math and language.  The September Morning Work bundle has an added benefit of including both math and language skills. You can choose to work on telling time, ordinal numbers, hard and soft g sounds and so much more with just one bundle.


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Multiple Grade Levels

The September Morning Work bundle is created for second grade students. However, It can be used towards the end of the school year with first grade students, or first grade students who are more advanced. It can also serve as a great review at the beginning of third grade. 


Amazing Growth

I used the September Morning Work with my students last year for the entire month. I made sure to take good data on each of my students. By being consistent with the work I saw amazing growth from every one of my students. 


Other Months Available

In my classroom we do some kind of morning work every day. The September Morning Work bundle is not the only one available. Every month of the school year is available. Each month concentrates on certain skills that also spiral throughout the month.

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