10 Free Reading Websites for Elementary

As a teacher, I’ve come across and used several free reading websites geared for elementary students. They are engaging game-like resources that can be used to keep a student’s attention and provide an educationally fun time.

Kids start the process of learning how to read much earlier than most people think. But, there comes a time when learning letters and sounds to make words becomes the fundamental concept taught. Whether you have a reluctant reader or one who seems to pick up on it fairly easily, there are ways to help your kids get continual practice in fun innovative ways.

10 Fun Reading Sites to Help Kids Practice Reading

The following websites below are perfect for kids as young as preschool up through mid-elementary age. They have been backed by research and proven to be reliable tools in helping kids learn how to read. These are a mix between videos, games, and activities, so all you’ll need is a good Internet connection and the Adode Flash Player plugin (free).

Between the Lions

There is a collection of over 200 videos organized by early elementary and preschool literacy skills:

  • fluency
  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • text comprehension
  • vocabulary

The videos range from 6-20 minutes and uses a variety of stories and songs to teach the concepts. Besides being free, you don’t have to worry about ads anywhere on their website.


Starfall is another reading website that is used in the classroom (and at home). Kids can read independently, use narration, and click on words they need help pronouncing. The games focus on concepts such as:

  • simples sentences
  • sight words
  • decoding
  • phonemic awareness
  • patterns
  • and more.

Most schools will have already gotten the school license/membership, but if you’re playing with your kids at home, there are many free activities available at no cost. They are also an ad-free website as well.


This site is available in both English and Spanish. There are 15 story themes for children to choose from and each comes with animated read-along stories, songs, and rhymes. StoryPlace is completely free and covers the following skills:

  • early literacy
  • book awareness
  • vocabulary

Storyline Online

What makes this resource so exciting is that they use Screen Actors Guild actors of all ages to read over 50 popular children’s books. Illustrations accompany the narration and some stories use cutout animation. A set of lesson plan ideas and activities also come with each story. The skills covered are:

  • early literacy
  • book awareness
  • reading comprehension
  • verbal and written language skills


Kids of all levels enjoy these reading games. You can conveniently choose by level with each being age and skill appropriate. An added perk is this site is connected to Common Core Standards, which means you can search for games that address each standard. Preschool games focus on the alphabet and gradually increases to teaching:

  • contractions
  • nouns, verbs and adverbs
  • past tense
  • homophones

While the games on the website are free to access and play, you’ll need a subscription to enjoy it ad-free.

ReadWriteThink Student Interactives

There are lots of lessons and interactive games for kids who are learning reading and writing skills. For ESL learners,  there are seven interactive games. Each interactive comes with lesson plans for use in the classroom (or at home). A variety of skills are covered, such as:

  • letter sounds
  • word endings
  • beginning letters
  • short- and long-vowel sounds
  • vocabulary skills
  • onset and rime
  • reading comprehension

Everything on the website is free to use completely ad free.

PBS Reading Games

Using popular series most kids are already familiar with – Sesame StreetClifford the Big Red DogMartha SpeaksDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Caillou – PBS has connected over 70 games for learning to read fun. The reading games cover:

  • ABC
  • rhyming
  • vocabulary
  • story games

The characters used are loved by many kids and are used in ways to help keep their attention as they learn basic reading skills. Everything on the website is free (and without ads).


WordWorld is an excellent vocabulary building site for beginning readers. Children love the vibrant colors and unique ways objects are built by the spelling of their word. Skills covered are:

  • vocabulary
  • early literacy
  • phonics


A growing favorite here in the states, Storynory has more than 600 audio stories. There is a variety of original titles, poems, fairy tales, myths, and more. This is a read-along style website and covers the following skills:

  • verbal language skills
  • listening skills
  • reading comprehension

Although everything is free to access, this website does have ads.


This is another UK-based website that offers more than 100 free e-books. The levels range from simple reading to more complex layouts. The reading skills are emphasized in each story and prefaced with guidance for teachers and parents. Each book ends with guided discussion and comprehension. Skills covered are:

  • phonics
  • early literacy
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary

A registration is required to access the e-books but it is free and easy to do.

Final Thoughts

Although these free reading websites are great to use in the classroom and at home, let’s not forget the traditional ways for helping children learn how to read. It’s important to read aloud to children, read with them, and model good reading behaviors. Here’s to lots of reading fun!

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10 free reading websites showing Word World
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