2nd Grade Summer Math Packet

Summer Break

It is almost summer break…YAY!!!! It’s an exciting time for both teachers and students, but we also know it is a time for the summer slide for some of our students.

The Summer Slide

The summer slide sounds fun, but we teachers know this is not a good thing. It is where some of our students lose the skills they have worked so hard to master this year due to lack of practice. So how do we help our students maintain their skills? I love to send home my 2nd Grade Summer Math Packet.

50 Pages of Review

The 2nd Grade Summer Math Packet is filled with 50 pages of fun math practice for students to review those skills learned each day.  

Independent Work

The worksheets in the 2nd Grade Summer Math Packet are simple enough for students to complete on their own with minimal parent support. Just one a day will keep their skills sharp on things like counting money, addition and subtraction, measuring and much more.

Get a Head Start

Want to get a head start with next year’s second grade students? This 2nd Grade Summer Math Packet is great for introducing some basic skills that will create just the right head start.

3rd Graders Too!

This 2nd Grade Summer Math Packet is also perfect for morning work, independent and group work at the beginning of 3rd grade. They make for an easy and quick review of the skills from 2nd grade.

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