6 Books that Teach Cooperation Skills with Kids

Most educators and parents know how instilling the habit of reading is important. Especially during the early stages of the growth of a child. Not only does it strengthen a child’s vocabulary and reading skills, but it can also be a great way to boost their knowledge about different aspects of the world, and develop the right personality traits and qualities very early on. This will also help with improving student’s behavior in the classroom

I've gathered a few books that help your child develop good cooperation skills. These books are dual purpose as they teach while getting in reading time. #teachingsecondgrade #cooperationskills #reading #lifeskills | Books on Cooperation | Reading Curriculum | Teaching Life Skills | Books for Elementary Kids

So here’s helping you with just that. I’ve gathered a few books that help your child develop good cooperation skills. These books are dual purpose as they teach cooperation skills while getting in reading time. Have your kids read these to you and then discuss what they learned.  

6 Books that Teach Cooperation Skills with Kids

A House in the Woods

A House in the Woods is a heartwarming story about a pig’s den that gets filled up with animals and then collapses once Moose arrives. Finally, all the animals get together and build a new, bigger house to accommodate all of them, constructing a delightful story about friendship and cooperation. 


The Biggest Snowman Ever

The Biggest Snowman Ever is a beautifully crafted book with amazing illustrations and goes along with the story of two mice- Desmond and Clayton who compete to build the biggest snowman ever in all of Mouseville. The story highlights how much they are able to accomplish when they join forces and work together. 

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Ella & Penguin Stick Together

Does your little one love glow-in-the-dark things? Ella & Penguin Stick Together is a must-buy for you! It is a tale of a little girl and her penguin friend who work together to decorate and explore. The book comes packed with some cool glow in the dark stickers that could be perfect for your little one’s room. 


Yoga Friends

Yoga Friends is a beautifully illustrated book that doesn’t just educate your little one about the importance of yoga and exercise, but also demonstrates different yoga poses that are playful and fun, that they can do along with a partner- thereby encouraging them to develop cooperation. 

This one is a must add to your kid’s reading list if you’re looking to boost his interest in yoga and exercise too! 


Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night

If you had to pick one book from the list, make it this one. Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night is a beautiful story of Red & Yellow, who live happily in an Olive tree. One night, Yellow wants to sleep, but Red wants to play music and be loud. Together, they work out a solution where Red plays softly, which allows Yellow to sleep- a perfect example of mutual respect and resolving conflicts in a healthy way. 


Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a heartwarming story that is perfect for all the little ones. It is a tale of a village, where every household wants to help provide a meal for two hungry travelers. Believes they don’t have the resources to do so. That is until each person realizes they can help in a little way. One can share a potato, one carrot and so on, and they all make their contribution together, providing the travelers with a meal. 


What are some other resources you have found that helps teach kiddos about cooperation skills?


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