Expanded Form Worksheets

When students are in elementary school, they build foundational skills they will use throughout their entire lives. For instance, they learn to read, write, add, and subtract. Additionally, they learn about place value and different ways to represent each number. As students get older, they use their foundational knowledge to understand new information. Thankfully, the Expanded Form Worksheets make learning hands-on, exciting, and meaningful. Students will love gaining confidence as they work on each activity. 

Expanded Form Worksheets

Expanded Form Worksheets

When working on place value, students hear many terms. For instance, they learn the value of ones, tens, and hundreds. Additionally, they learn different ways to see numbers. So, they learn about standard, expanded, and written forms. Since these skills are tough to understand, these expanded form worksheets provide the perfect practice! 

There are 50 pages of engaging activities to help students master place value. This includes expanded form cupcakes, blowing bubbles, roll and add, and spin a number. There are even pages where students decide what goes together based on a number. 

These no prep printables are perfect for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students as they work hard on place value! They are excellent options for math centers, stations, fast finishers, homework, seat work, review, and more! 

Math Worksheets Bundle 

Honestly, there is so much to master in 1st and 2nd grade math! These grades build the foundation for many math skills students will use throughout their lives. So, it is essential students have lots of fun, engaging, and supportive practice. Thankfully, these worksheets do exactly that! 

Specifically, there are 50 pages of place value worksheets and 50 pages of expanded form practice activities. Additionally, there are 43 pages of fact families practice. 

All 143 pages are no prep! So, teachers just need to click print! They are perfect for morning work, homework, seatwork, math centers, small group instruction, and intervention. Students will love working on math skills with these worksheets. 

Expanded Form Activities Bundle 

If you are working on expanded form with your students, you NEED this resource! It included 4 sets of hands-on activities. There are expanded form worksheets, expanded form puzzles with varying sizes, and I Have Who Has. 

Students will love working on math with fun activities!

Math Activities for Second Grade

Expanded Form Puzzles

Honestly, students can only handle so many worksheets. However, they still need tons of practice over essential skills. This is why these expanded form puzzles are perfect! 

There are 18 puzzles focusing on 2-digits and 18 puzzles focusing on 3-digits. Each puzzle includes the number, written form, and expanded form. Students will have so much fun putting their puzzles together! 

Teaching Resources 

Mastering expanded form takes lots of time, patience, and practice. So, teachers look for multiple ways to incorporate this skill. This is essential to keeping lessons exciting! Thankfully, there are fantastic ideas for Practicing Expanded Form! Students will love building their knowledge through cupcake numbers, equations, and games. 

Place value and expanded form are skills students will use throughout their entire lives. So, students need to master this information to apply the knowledge to different skills. Thankfully, the Expanded Form Worksheets and additional activities keep learning fun and exciting! 

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Expanded Form Worksheets
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