Fall Fun Packet

Hot Days of Summer

The hot days of summer feel endless right now. But the truth is that the end is actually very near and fall is right around the corner. I love to do some early planning for what my students are going to be working on during each season. This is where my Fall Fun Packet came into play.


Lots of Skills

The Fall Fun Packet has plenty of skills to keep your students busy. There is everything from number recognition and following directions to math codes and spelling. Every one of your students will find a fun activity to complete.


Lots of Fun

Each individual worksheet of the Fall Fun Packet is full of fun for your students. They will color, cut and unscramble through all sorts of activities. I know that holding the interest of students is such a challenge so I made sure to go with high interest worksheets.


Lots of Review

The Fall Fun Packet can be used for review for students who just haven’t connected with a skill yet. You don’t want to give them boring work to help them master a skill, so these worksheets are the perfect answer.


Lots of Extras for Early Finishers

I have been in the classroom long enough to know that there will always be early finishers. Some students just work faster than others. And if you leave them to their own vices then they are sure to cause management issues for you. So what do you do with them? The Fall Fun Packet is great for early finishers. This is actually how I use it the most. Because my students like to do the worksheets, they are always willing to grab one from the folder in the back of the room and get started on their own.

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