Back to School Color by Number

Getting Ready

We are all getting ready for the back to school rush. You can see evidence at every turn…from school supply aisles to emails with schedules from your principal. It is time to get ready, time to start planning. I always like to begin with something my students already know as we ease into our new schedule. My back to school color by number worksheets are perfect to review basic math skills with your students.


Three Different Sets

I’m all about saving money, gotta get more bang for your buck. By purchasing the bundle of back to school color by number worksheets you will get all the bang! I have included three different sets with this bundle. Your students will have plenty of options to review their math skills.


Addition Facts

With the back to school color by number worksheets you can give your students a fun way to review their addition facts. These are perfect for independent work, math centers or early finishers in those first days of school. They are also effective with homeschool students, combining art skills with math skills.


Subtraction Facts

Your students will also be able to review their subtraction facts with the back to school color by number worksheets. These worksheets are fun for students, resulting in a colorful picture when they finish.


Combined Facts

One set of the back to school color by number worksheets includes both addition and subtraction on the same pattern. We know as teachers that our students need to be able to pay attention to detail when solving problems so switching things up on them is an important thing. 

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