First Grade Math Puzzles

Reviewing Skills


How many of us are currently dealing with second grade students who have not mastered first grade skills yet? With the craziness of the last few years the need for review has become even more increasing. I have started using the First Grade Math Puzzles in my classroom to make sure that my students are getting those gaps filled in.

A Growing Bundle


The First Grade Math Puzzles come in a growing bundle. There is already so much included. You will have resources to work on addition facts, domino facts, part part whole and so much more. But, because it is a growing bundle, there is more being added all the time.

All the Uses


The First Grade Math Puzzles have so many uses no matter what grade level you are working with. You can use them for advanced kindergarten skills. They are perfect for teaching skills in first grade. And as a second grade teacher I love to use them at the beginning of the year for review. I also use them for my early finishers, math centers and extra practice at home. 



The best part of the First Grade Math Puzzles is that they are fun. Your students will actually enjoy completing the assignment. They will be engaged and learning. The worksheets have bright colors and fun graphics. The sheets have large spaces for writing making it easy for students to fill in the area.

Easy for Teachers


The First Grade Math Puzzles worksheets are easy for teachers. The completed worksheets will be easy for you to grade, not taking much time. The prep work is almost non-existent. You simply need to make copies and give out the worksheets. The directions for students are simple to follow so there will not be much instruction for you. This will free you up to work with small groups or individuals while the rest of the students are busy working. 

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