Grammar Review Sheets

Grammar time is one of my favorite parts of the day…seriously, I love teaching grammar. I’m always looking for new ways to give my students practice in their skills. I have learned through the years that students seem to connect more when they are doing something. That is why I use the Grammar Review Sheets. My students cut and paste their way to excellent grammar! This resource meets every need…easy planning, easy grading and students are able to work independently.



One skill that my students practice with the Grammar Review Sheets is antonyms. They will cut out a list of words and then match them up with their antonym. Students find the opposite meanings of words like deep and happy. I recommend that students place their words and let you check their work before doing any gluing so changes can be made if needed.



If you are going to practice with antonyms, then you need to balance things out with synonyms. Again, students cut out some words and match them up with their synonyms. This time they focus on finding words in the Grammar Review Sheets that have the same meaning, like lady and woman. 



The homographs practice in the Grammar Review Sheets changes things up just a bit. Students will still cut and paste words, however, this time they have two sides to the worksheet. They have to choose both meanings for the words to show full understanding of the skill. 



Is it blew or blue? Your students will have matching up homophones in the Grammar Review Sheets. They will cut and paste their way to full understanding. Hands- on practice will really help solidify all things grammar for your students.

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