Halloween Resources

As the days fly by, students are eagerly awaiting Halloween! They cannot wait to dress up, go trick-or-treating, and eat lots of candy! While this excitement is amazing to see in students, keeping them focused on the classroom lessons can be a challenge. It is so hard for them to stop thinking about all the upcoming chocolate and sour candy and focus on math and reading! However, teachers know they cannot waste time with how fast the year goes. So, they look for creative Halloween resources! By incorporating Halloween ideas for second grade into lessons, students get to channel their excitement into learning! 

Halloween ideas for second grade

Halloween Fun Packet 

Are you tired of hearing, “I’m done! Now what?” while trying to help other students? I totally get this feeling! So, I created a fun packet, and my classroom transformed. Instead of repeatedly hearing students ask me what to do next, they get right to work with this ready-to-go packet. 

There are 33 worksheets to keep students engaged in learning activities. When adding this to your Halloween resources, students always have something to work on throughout the entire month. This includes color by number, word searches, coloring pages, math problems, word scramble, crack the code, ABC order, crafts, and more! 

Teachers just need to print and hand out! The pages are perfect as morning work, in centers, sub plans, or in a fast finisher area. Students will love knowing exactly what to work on after finishing their current assignment. 

Halloween ideas for second grade

Halloween Math & Literacy 

While students dream of candy, teachers dream of students who can add, subtract, and read. Thankfully, this packet helps students get closer to all these aspects! As they count down the days until Halloween, they get to work on fun printable worksheets. 

There are tons of fun activities to ensure there are Halloween resources for the entire month. This includes tallying, ABC order, syllables, hard and soft C sounds, nouns, verb tense, rhyming, and contractions. Additionally, students will work on adjectives, subject and predicate, homonyms, writing, and spelling. There are even pages for addition, subtraction, missing addends, and more! 

Halloween Busy Packet 

This packet is the perfect way to unite fun and engaging activities! Specifically, there are 18 Halloween resources in this one packet. So, students will work on many skills, such as color by number, word searches, a crossword puzzle, and math problems. There are even word scrambles, crack the code, mystery pictures, directed drawings, and more.

Best of all, these Halloween ideas for second-grade work in multiple formats. For instance, they are great for fast finishers, centers, homework, morning work, and sub plans. No matter how students work on these activities, they will have fun learning. 

One of the reasons students love school is the time they spend with friends. So, they may have a hard time focusing when they get special opportunities to see friends outside of the classroom. Halloween is definitely one of these times with all of the amazing activities going on. Thankfully, these Halloween resources help reduce any distractions. Students will have so much fun working on themed activities that they channel their Halloween excitement into their work. 

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