Thanksgiving Packet

As the weeks fly by, students are becoming more excited for Thanksgiving! They cannot wait to watch the big parade, see their family, and eat tons of delicious food. So, it makes sense that they have difficulty focusing on all the lessons. Since teachers understand this excitement, they help channel these feelings into learning. By using a special Thanksgiving packet and fun Thanksgiving lessons, students will have no problem staying engaged. Best of all, they will love knowing their teacher is just as excited for the holiday as they are! 

thanksgiving fun packet

Thanksgiving Fun Packet 

This is the perfect Thanksgiving packet for students to work on throughout the month. Whether setting time aside for specific activities or having it ready for fast finishers, students will always have something to work on. 

Specifically, there are 37 pages filled with tons of different activities. This includes color by number, word searches, a crossword puzzle, math problems, and a word scramble. Additionally, students will work on crack the code pages, mystery pictures, ABC order, headbands, bookmarks, and coloring pages. This no-prep packet will be the perfect activity for the entire month! 

Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Worksheets

There are so many math and literacy skills to work on in 1st and 2nd grade! Thankfully, these pages help students review all of the essential standards. They even include fun Thanksgiving themes to ensure students stay engaged.

There are 44 worksheets for students to complete. These focus on syllables, nouns, synonyms, expanded form, and odd and even. There are even pages for ABC order, number order, synonyms, and antonyms. 

When using this Thanksgiving packet, there are so many ways to implement the activities. This includes morning work, homework, extra practice, sub plans, and centers and stations. These worksheets are the perfect way to incorporate math and literacy throughout the day. 

Thanksgiving Fun Packet #2

The first fun packet will transform the awkward time students have when they finish work early. This is the time where there isn’t enough to dive into a new lesson, but they still need something to work on independently. Thankfully, a second packet ensures everyone stays busy with engaging activities. 

Specifically, this packet has 16 pages. Students will continue the exciting work from above with color by number, word searches, mystery pictures, directed drawings, and more! 

Thanksgiving Color by Number for Place Value 

Color by Number is always a favorite activity! Students love answering problems and seeing their pictures come to life. 

There are 6 pages included to ensure there are options to use throughout the month. So, students will work on base ten blocks, expanded form, and the value of the number. As they answer, they will color in each spot. Students will love working on every page! 

The holidays are such a special time for students. So, it is important to incorporate Thanksgiving lessons in the classroom. This helps students channel their excitement into their learning. Thankfully, the Thanksgiving packets and the above activities will ensure students love celebrating and learning with classmates. 

Thanksgiving Fun Packet

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