Halloween Math Worksheets

Spooky Math

With the drop in temperatures right around the corner it is time to get ready for some spooky fun with your students. The Halloween Math Worksheets cover all the skills you need. The worksheets are fun with some hidden learning thrown in.


Spooky Skills

There are so many different skills covered in the Halloween Math Worksheets. Your students will get additional practice in everything from counting money to skip counting. They will also have additional exposure to adding with tally marks and adding 100. Everything you need to review is included. 


October Morning Math

If you have my October Morning Work Bundle then the Halloween Math Worksheets are the perfect compliment. Each skill is in line with the morning work. This means plenty of additional practice for your students without extra work for you.


Lots of Uses

I always try to make my resources multi-purpose to make life a little easier on you. The Halloween Math Worksheets are no exception. Because the worksheets cover skills that your students should have already been introduced to, they are perfect for independent seat practice. You can use them for homework or even math center time. The options are endless.


Easy Planning

With the Halloween Math Worksheets the planning is done for you! You literally only have to make copies and hand them out. I know as a classroom teacher myself, there are days where the schedule has changed 1000 times in the last hour and I need something that I can feel good about giving my students as a time filler. I want them to learn and practice, but some days it feels impossible. These worksheets are often my answer. They are fun, full of skill practice and easy for me.

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