Halloween Fun Packet

Pumpkins, Goblins and Ghost…Oh My!


This is one of my favorite times of year. There is change everywhere and a crispness to the air. It is also a favorite time for my students. They get so excited about Halloween and extra time outside as the temperatures cool off. We are all finding our balance in the classroom and working hard. It is the perfect time for a Halloween Fun Packet.

Fast Finishers


It never fails that several of my students finish their work at a quicker pace than their peers. It is so important to have something fun for them to complete when they have this extra time. However, I want them to be learning or at least practicing skills with this work. The Halloween Fun Packet meets all of those needs.

Not Just for Fast Finishers


Yes, I use the Halloween Fun Packet for my fast finishers, but I also use it in other ways in my classroom. There are times where our schedule changes and I need something fast for my students to complete to fill a small amount of time. Or there are days where we all just need a few minutes break from the hard academics that we have been working on. Then there are days where I know my students need more practice on a specific skill. The Halloween Fun Packet does all of this and more.

Picture Puzzles and More


My students love to do any kind of puzzle or word search. They love them so much that they forget that they are learning. The Halloween Fun Packet is full of worksheets that combine puzzle, coloring and even dot to dots to hold the focus of my students. 

Easy Prep


One of the greatest things about the Halloween Fun Packet is that it is easy prep for the teacher. The work is all done for you. All you have to do is make copies and pass out the sheets. It is also easy grading with a quick glance. No prep and fun!

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