How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Kids

Reading is a fundamental part of every life. Kids have to learn how to read so that they can learn how to communicate and understand the people around them. Reading opens the doors to an expanded vocabulary and enhanced language skills in kids. If you’re wondering how to get your kids to develop good reading habits so that they can reap the amazing benefits of reading then continue reading to learn how you can encourage a love of reading.

Reading opens the doors to an expanded vocabulary and enhanced language skills in kids. Use these 6 tips to develop good reading habits in your kids. #teachingsecondgrade #reading #readinghabits #encouragingreading #readingtips | Learning to Read | Good Reading Habits | Reading Tips | Reading Habits |

 How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Kids

Make a Reading Area

Have a space in your home that’s all comfortable for reading time with a small kids’ bookshelf full of a variety of age-appropriate books for your kids. This reading area will be a space where kids can go enjoy some quiet reading time.

Practice Everywhere

Have your kids read the menu when you’re dining out, or the ingredients on your food from the grocery store and so on. Make sure your kids are practicing reading everywhere they go. This can happen at the grocery store to the theater to the local library and restaurants, and so forth.

Set the Example

Many kids want to be like their parents, so it’s on you to set a good example to encourage good reading habits in kids. Try to read daily in front of your kids so that they see you enjoy this leisurely activity. Seeing you read daily will inspire your kids to pull out a book and read when you’re reading.

Give Choices

Supply your kids with a variety of choices for books to read. Keep a kids’ bookshelf in the home so that your kids can select a genre of book that they feel like reading. Kids are much like us adult readers. They may want a variety of options when they’re feeling up to reading time.

Read Aloud

I’d like to say one is never too old to have someone read a book to them. Try to read aloud to your kids a few times a week. This could be a fun way to spend quality family time together, even during your kids’ teenage years. We have many Read Aloud Monthly Books Lists you can choose from as well.

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Get a Library Card

Most towns have a local library where citizens can get a free library card. Pack your kids up in the family vehicle and head to your local library to get your kids a library card. As soon as each kid has a library card you can make a once a week trip to get new books together.

These are just some of the best ways to encourage good reading habits in kids. These ideas, when implemented, will help open a whole new world of raising kids who love reading.


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