Glitter Calm Down Jar DIY

Calm Down jars are a lifesaver to many people. We all know sometimes kids get cranky or something happens and emotions get the best of them. It’s OK! It really is. Let the kiddo take a break and hand them a Calm Down Jar to keep their attention.

Calm Down jars are a lifesaver to many people. Let the kiddo take a break and hand them a Calm Down Jar to keep their attention. #teachingsecondgrade #calmdownjar #sensorybottle #sensory #kidsdiy | Easy Kids DIY | Sensory Items | Sensory Bottle | Calm Down Jar Ideas | Calm Down Tactics |

What is a Calm Down Jar?

A Calm Down jar is created to soothe and relax. When you shake the jar the swirling patterns created by glitter, beads, sequins, etc inside are ideal for calming down a stressed-out child. They are a very effective, safe and creative way to help children regain control after being upset.

What can I put in a Calm Down Jar

There are literally hundreds of Calming Jar concoctions out there. You can use dish soap, baby oil, or glue. Then add your own personal touch for what you want to ‘fall’ when you shake it up. A mixture of different weighted items is generally a good idea so you have some items fall faster than others.

What can I use for the jar? Does it have to be glass?

You can use any jar or bottle you have laying around the kitchen. If you have empty peanut butter jars, mayo jars, etc are all great. I prefer no glass but everyone is different. At least with plastic if they do break it won’t shatter as bad. Have the kids save a jar and bring one to class to make their very own Calm Down Jar.

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Glitter Calm Down Jar


16 oz Glass or plastic jar with screw cap lid

1 5oz bottle of clear Elmer’s Glue

1 cup distilled water + extra to fill up a jar

Green glitter

Green and yellow plastic beads (assorted sizes)

Green gems

hot glue gun



Pour the water into the jar.

Add glue.

Sprinkle glitter into the jar.

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Add the desired amount of beads.

Note: It’s ok for things to clump together until you are ready to shake the jar.

Fill the rest of the jar with distilled water.

Using your hot glue gun, squirt a thin strip of glue around the rim of the jar and immediately cover with the lid and screw cap.

Shake the jar back and forth and watch what happens!

You can also turn it upside down and watch everything fall to the bottom. Repeat.

Place your jar next to a light to see a cool effect!


Use any colors you want to make these holiday-themed also! Do you use a Calm Down Jar in your classroom?

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