Pom Pom Butterflies Spring Craft

Who is ready for an exciting craft? This Pom Pom Butterflies Craft is fun for kids of many ages. When spring hits and you’re looking for a few crafts to make, this is one to make. Butterflies signal spring and this craft will help bring the warmer weather even faster. Downtime is the best time for crafts! 

This Pom Pom Butterflies Craft is great when spring hits. Butterflies signal spring and this craft will help bring the warmer weather even faster. #springcraft #teachingsecondgrade #butterlfies #pompomcraft #spring #easycraftsfor kids #clothespincraft | Clothespin Crafts | Easy Crafts for Kids | Spring Crafts | Butterflies Crafts | Pom Pom Crafts | Easy Classroom Crafts

What are pom poms?

When it comes to making these Pom Pom Butterflies Craft, you may be wondering what are pom poms? Do you have these at home already? Maybe! This is a tuft or ball that comes in many different colors. It’s the perfect ball for crafting and making different items. You’ll love to know that you can make butterflies and many other items with these little balls. 

What can you do with these butterfly crafts?

What can you make these crafts for and do with them? These crafts are great for doing in the classroom with the kids. Around this time of year, kids are ancy and ready for something fun to do. 

You can use a variety of colors and really make this fun for the kids to do. You can hang these up in the house or around the classroom. You can frame these crafts for parents and they can have them forever! 

What color pom-poms can you use?

When it comes to using pom-poms, you can truly use any color. This Butterfly Craft can be a variety of colors because after all, butterflies are naturally a variety of colors! Sit back and watch as the kids use their imagination, all while you just provide a fun variety of colored pom-poms for them to use! 

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Have fun making this Pom Pom Butterflies Craft with the kids. It’s one of my favorites and I think your kids will love it too! 

Pom Pom Butterflies Spring Craft



Pipe cleaners (cut into 3-inch pieces for antenna)

Pom poms

Small adhesive googly eyes (use glue if they aren’t adhesive)

Snack sized zipper bags (square or rectangle)

Paint (choose desired colors)


Paper plate

(Optional: tape and glue)



Paint the clothespins on the paper plate. Use a second coat of paint if needed.

Set aside and allow to dry.

Fill snack bags with a handful of pom-poms. Make sure you don’t overfill the bag.

Separate pom poms by dividing the bag in half vertically. You’ll want pom poms on the right and left of the bag and space in the center.

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Press the bag down to let as much air out as possible. Then, close bag. The air in the bag will cause the bag to have trouble bunching up to create wings.

Add the googly eyes to the top of the clothespin.

Make a v shape with the pipe cleaner.

Add pipe cleaner to the clothespin to create the antenna. The clamp from the clothespin should be able to hold the pipe cleaner, but if not, you can use glue.

Gather up the middle of the bag together and place the clothespin in place to hold it together. You may even find that twisting the bag a few times in the middle is helpful. If you feel that you need tape to hold it together, you can use a piece of tape in the center.

These are a great craft to make for Spring. Pom Pom Butterflies are always a huge hit!



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