Morning Work Ideas For 2nd Grade

morning work for second grade

It is officially back to school season so teachers everywhere are lesson planning, setting up classrooms, and planning out how to structure their daily schedule with their students. Establishing a good routine is so helpful in the classroom because it makes planning so much easier and helps ease any anxiety your students might be feeling over starting a new year because they end up knowing what to expect every day.  I don’t know about you but I love having time for morning work in my classroom. It is so important because it gets my students in a routine so they know what to expect when they arrive in the morning and also gives them a chance to continue to work on or practice what we have been learning in class. An added bonus is that it keeps them occupied while I prepare for the day. It’s a win-win! 

Helpful Tips For Planning Your 2nd Grade Morning Work 

  • Keep it relevant to what you are currently working on in class. If it goes along with your current lessons, it not only keeps your students occupied when they get to class, but it helps them review and practice new skills. 
  • Don’t make it too easy. If the morning work isn’t challenging enough, your students will race right through it and need additional activities to keep them busy. The goal is to get them thinking, practicing, and still learning. 
  •  Make it engaging. Engaging morning work activities will not only give your students valuable practice, but it will also get them focused, excited, and mentally ready for a new day. 
  • Prepare in advance. Having everything prepared ahead of time will make your mornings so much easier, trust me! 

Morning Work Activities

If you are a second grade teacher, you may like my Morning Work For 2nd Grade Bundle! I created these two, year-long, morning work bundles to help make planning your mornings so much easier. This bundle has daily language and daily math worksheets that will take morning work prepping off of your to-do list.

 I chose skills that second grade students would be working on depending on the time of year. The pages gradually get harder and skills that are covered in the earlier pages are revisited towards the end as well.
You can also check out my Morning Work Worksheets For Second Grade resource. This nine month bundle covers a combination of daily math and daily language for your students so you are covered for the full year!

What does your morning classroom routine look like? Let me know in the comments below!

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