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Working with numbers can be so stressful for students. Since they quickly progress from 1 to 1,000, it can be hard to keep everything straight. This includes saying numbers, writing them correctly, representing them in numerous formats, and understanding their value. So, teachers are always looking for engaging ways to help students improve their number sense. Thankfully, the Number of the Day Worksheets create the perfect way to bring fun, hands-on activities to build this confidence! 

number of the day worksheets

Setting the Foundation 

Numbers are involved no matter the math skill. So, students must have a strong understanding of number sense. This is why it is imperative to help students work on these skills without making them feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Luckily, these Number of the Day worksheets help build this foundation with just a few minutes each day. 

Number of the Day Worksheets

These are the perfect number of the day worksheets for 2nd-grade students! 

There are 80 Number of the Day worksheets to ensure students dig into many number sense activities. There are even 2 and 3-digit numbers included as students build their skills. Before they know it, they will work on the number 400 with pride and confidence. Since all students learn at their own speeds, there are even blank pages for teachers to select specific numbers. Honestly, this will be an incredible way to help them work with and understand numbers fluently. 

math printables

Worksheet Activities 

Students will practice many skills as they work on the Number of the Day worksheets. This includes writing numbers, tally marks, identifying the value, addition, subtraction, and expanded notation. Students will even work on rounding, money, comparison, 10 more and less, 100 more and less, base ten blocks, and number puzzles. Honestly, there are so many skills to ensure students stay engaged and excited to work on number sense. 


These Number of the Day worksheets are so versatile in how teachers can use them. For instance, they make the perfect activity for morning work. Students will come into the classroom and know exactly what to work on. Additionally, they are great for seatwork, math centers, or homework! Students will gain much confidence in their number sense skills no matter how teachers implement them. 

math printables

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Math Worksheet Bundle 

Students need so much practice in math. Honestly, working on problems is how they gain confidence in their skills. Additionally, students need activities that are consistent with directions. They will not get the necessary practice if they spend more time figuring out how to complete the math activities than the problems. Thankfully, these math worksheets ensure students have consistent practice! 

There are four bundles included. These focus on 2-digit addition with and without regrouping and number of the day worksheets. Additionally, there are worksheets for addition facts and strategies and 2nd-grade math worksheets. These worksheets are the perfect activities to add to a 2nd-grade math curriculum!  

Math is challenging! So, teachers work hard to make it enjoyable, relatable, and interactive. When this happens, students naturally focus as their worries disappear. Thankfully, the Number of the Day Worksheets and Math Worksheet Bundle provides incredible help to students! 
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