Summer Fun Packet

Teachers work so hard all year long to create lessons that students will truly remember. The hope is that with guidance and support, students will learn all material on a deep level. So, it is always sad to hear about summer learning loss. While everyone deserves a break, teachers also want students to remember all they’ve learned the previous year. When they do, they can begin the following year confidently! Thankfully, there are tons of summer worksheets for 2nd graders that help students review and reinforce essential material. For instance, the Summer Fun Packet helps students practice important material while reflecting on the fantastic year! 

Summer Fun Packet 

Students have worked so hard this year! So, teachers never want them to forget all the information. Thankfully, this packet is the perfect way to help them review all year round! 

So many fun activities are included to help ensure students are excited to work on the packet. For instance, the summer worksheets for 2nd graders include mystery pictures, dot-to-dot sheets, and word searches. There are color-by-number pages for addition and subtraction, coloring pages, ABC order, and word scramble. Honestly, there are so many amazing activities to keep students on top of their learning! 

In addition to sending these pages home, they work great for early finishers as the year wraps up. They are even perfect for morning work, independent work, homework, and extra practice. Whether using these pages as a year-end review or for summer, students will love the practice! 

summer worksheets for 2nd graders

Summer Fun Activities 

Summer is all about relaxing and having fun! However, teachers and parents strive to add in a bit of learning and reviewing, as well. Luckily, these amazing activities ensure students can practice some of their skills while having fun! 

Students will love summer fun packets when they have so many neat activities! Specifically, there are 6 summer activities in this bundle. This includes summer fun worksheets, 1st-grade math review, and 2nd-grade math review. Additionally, there are summer color code sheets for addition and subtraction.

Summer Fun Packet

Summer Math Practice 

Math is often stressful for students to learn. So, teachers do not want students to forget information from the previous year. Luckily, this summer fun packet includes a daily math review! 

Specifically, there are 50 math pages that are perfect for June and July. The summer worksheets for 2nd graders focus on addition and subtraction, word problems, and missing addends. Additionally, students will work on counting money, odd and even, greater than or less than, fact families, and shapes. There are even fun worksheets for number order, graphing, expanded form, measurement, and area. Honestly, there are tons of skills included on these fun pages! 

summer math practice

Summer is a time for students to rest and feel rejuvenated for the following year. However, it is crucial to help reduce summer learning loss. Thankfully, the Summer Fun Packet helps students focus on academics in fun ways! Students will love working on the summer worksheets for 2nd grade and feel confident when back to school begins.  
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summer fun packet
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