Number of the Day

Teaching Number Sense

Our hope as second grade teachers is that our students come into class with a strong understanding of number sense. Our reality is that sometimes that happens and sometimes it does not. I use this Number of the Day Bundle all the time to get my students some extra help.


Extra Practice

With 80 pages of materials, this resource is packed with extra practice for your students. The Number of the Day Bundle covers 2 digit and 3 digit numbers up to 400. For students who already have a strength in this skill it can be used as review or early finishers work.


Other Uses

The Number of the Day Bundle is also great for centers in your classroom. Because most students will be able to practice independently in second grade you can have the worksheets laid out for them and ready to go. It can also be used for additional morning work while you take attendance, lunch count, etc. 


Many Skills

Color it, write it, round it…the Number of the Day Bundle allows students to practice many different skills with the same number. They will show their understanding of money, greater than and less than and place value to name a few.


Blanks Included

When you purchase the Number of the Day Bundle you will also get two blank worksheets so that you can use your own number. Perhaps you have a student who needs to be challenged more or a student who has some severe math deficits. This way you are able to customize exactly how you need to. 

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