October Homework

The Beginning of Homework


It is always around this time of year that I start to give my students some homework. They are usually settled into routines during the day and ready for a new challenge. The extra practice that they get from the October homework pack is just what is needed. It is not overly challenging creating a strain for parents, but it does push my students.

Skill Alignment to October Work


The October homework pack is 20 pages of skills that 2nd graders are working on during this time of year. They are perfectly aligned with both the Daily Language and Daily Math sets. These are used every day in my classroom. My students love the variety of skills included and the cuteness of the worksheets.

Gradually Building Skills


The October homework pack starts with easier skills as students adjust to the style of the sheets and actually having homework. Throughout the month the skills get more challenging so that students continue to grow and learn. This way the students are continually challenged at the right level.

Not Just Homework


The October homework pack is not only for homework. I will sometimes use this to fill in some morning work in my classroom. I also use it for early finishers or extra skills practice during center time.  I have also used them as an assessment if I feel like my students have a good grasp on the skill.

1st and 3rd Grade Also


The October homework pack is intended for use in the 2nd grade. However, it also has a purpose with higher level 1st grade students. The skills can further challenge them, especially towards the end of the year. And some of my 3rd grade colleagues have used it at the beginning of the year as a review option. There are many purposes. 

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