October Morning Work

Being Consistent


By October my students usually understand our routines and procedures. They come in each morning and sit down to their morning work. By being consistent and having something for them to do each day classroom management is much simpler. I have monthly bundles of morning work, like the October Morning Work, ready to go to make my planning easier.

Language Arts Focus


There are several skills covered in the October Morning Work for language arts. Everything from ABC Order to Compound Words is included in fun worksheets. The best part is that the students are able to complete the sheets independently.

Math Focus


The October Morning Work also covers math skills for my students. My students practice L-blends, Digraphs, Combining Sentences and so much more. They love the fun graphics on the worksheets and the multiple skills so they don’t get bored.

Second Grade


The skills covered in the October Morning Work are skills that most second grade students would be working on at this time of the year. However, the worksheets can be used towards the end of the year with more advanced first graders or as review at the beginning of the year for third grade students. 

Progressively More Difficult


I have bundles of morning work created for each month of the school year. They all follow the same format as the October Morning Work. Each month gets progressively more difficult, but also remains at a level that students should be able to work on their own each day.

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