Parts of Speech Teaching Videos

Do your students struggle with understanding parts of speech? It can be difficult for young students to grasp nouns, verbs and adjectives. As well, students can struggle differentiating between these when reading or writing.

I am hoping to continue to create blog posts that house engaging videos on various concepts so that you can quickly head over to this blog to find what you’re looking for. This way, you don’t spend time searching for the perfect one to show to your class. And of course, my students love whenever they get a chance to watch an engaging learning video.

These videos have already been screened by a seasoned teacher and I know the content is great. All you have to do is find which one would work best for your class and it’s easy integration for you!

Parts of Speech: Nouns

Here are some great videos you can show your class when you are teaching nouns.

If you don’t have a BrainPOP Jr. subscription, it’s seriously worth looking into. Not only does the subscription come with engaging videos, but there’s games, quizzes, activities and more for tons of content areas.

Head over to this link to watch a BrainPOP Jr. video all about nouns!

teaching nouns

I love the Schoolhouse Rock videos, and here is one for nouns!

If you are teaching students the difference between common and proper nouns, here is a great video!

Parts of Speech: Verbs

Here are some great videos you can show your class when you are teaching about verbs.

This is a perfect video to start your verbs lessons with!

teaching verbs

This song will FOR SURE get stuck in your students’ heads!

Your students will love this video from Grammaropolis!

Parts of Speech: Adjectives

Here is another BrainPOP Jr. video. This one talks about adjectives AND adverbs so you can choose to only show part of it.

teaching adjectives

This video talks about how nouns and adjectives work together in a fun song!

I love this video because it shows students how to expand their writing by using adjectives!

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nouns adjectives verbs
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