Subject and Predicate Teaching Videos

Happy December! Are you hanging in there, teacher friend? I know this is a tough month in the classroom but have no fear! I’m here to help! I’m gifting you some great teaching videos that you can use these last few weeks before winter break to make your teaching easier! How does that sound!? These videos will be geared towards helping you as you teach subject and predicate!

This is a crucial skill to teach and always go back to and review. So, plug some of these videos into your day with some quick activities and you’ll make it to winter break!

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Subject and Predicate Videos

I love Schoolhouse Rock videos and this one is a favorite of mine. Students will definitely catch on to the tune and sing it and it’s a great way to introduce what the subject and predicate of a sentence are.

This would be another great introduction video for your class. This video does a great job of breaking down the sentences and showing how we use subjects and predicates in our sentences. You can also pause the video to allow your students to answer the questions being asked!

Students will absolutely LOVE this video! It’s cartoon episodes on subjects and predicates and it will keep them so engaged! They will think they are watching their favorite show on TV, and won’t even realize they’re learning!

BrainPOP Jr. has a great video on subject and verb agreement and I think it would be a great video to review.

subjects and verbs

BrainPOP has a video on subjects and predicates. It’s a little more advanced, but it will introduce your students to the vocabulary and would be great to show in a small group center with the teacher!

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What have you found to help you teach Subject and Predicate lessons?

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