Phonics Flipbooks

Phonics Flipbooks are an excellent way to get your students involved without the use of a basic worksheet.  They are effective, easy to administer, and able to be adapted to the needs of your students.  My students enjoy doing them and have now gotten to the point where they need a little direction on how to make and do them.   

Advantages to phonics flipbooks include:

  • Extended learning
  • Interchangeability
  • Differentiated opportunities
  • Coincides with Journey’s phonics skills and spelling lists
  • On-going assessment capabilities
  • Streamline for quick feedback

There are years where it seems your students understand concepts and work well independently.  However, there are times they don’t.  For those who need extra help, differentiation is available through these Flipbooks.  Each flipbook allows educators to interchange some of the pages to support all learning styles and levels. Accelerated students can extend their learning, while differentiated learners are able to progress with comfort.  In addition, I like the paragraph where students must highlight the phonics skill for the week.  The student having trouble can still get the chance to highlight, but it isn’t quite as intimidating due to it being broken up into sentences.

These flipbooks have made life easier because each week my students know what to expect.  I can make sure all students are working independently at their level while I do reading groups.  These flipbooks are available at Teachers Pay Teachers, sold by Teaching Second Grade. 


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