Fall Math and Literacy Worksheets

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Fall Worksheets

Looking for a fun and festive way for your students to practice their MATH and LITERACY SKILLS? Your 1st and 2nd grade students are sure to love these FALL worksheet pages.

►Which Pumpkin? (Probability)

►Read and Graph Spring Words

►Story Map

►Find the shape

►Roll, Read, and Color (Fall Words)

►Fall Syllables (1,2, and 3 syllables) (Cut and Paste).

►Fall into Nouns (Person, Place, or Thing) (Cut and Paste)

►Kinds of Nouns (Color Code)

►Autumn Fact Families

►The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin (Cut and Paste)

►Writing the steps of the pumpkin life cycle

►Living or Non-Living (Cut and Paste)

►Describe the Shape (Square or Triangle) (Cut and Paste)

►Describe the Shape ( Circle or Rectangle (Cut and Paste)

►ABC Order (Cut and Paste, picture and word)

►What Am I? (Cut and Paste) (Clues)

►Short Vowels (a and i ) (Cut and Paste)

►Short Vowels (e and o) (Cut and Paste)

►Short Vowels (o and u) (Cut and Paste)

►Help Sort the Pumpkins into the Correct Wagon ~ Directions:

Read the word. Decide if it is a noun or verb. Cut and paste onto correct wagon on the other page.

►Odd and Even (Color Code)

►Odd and Even (Cut and Paste)

►Odd and Even (Complete the Problem, then Cut and Paste)

►Complete or Incomplete Sentence? (Cut and Paste)

►Subject or Predicate? Directions: Color the subject orange and the predicate green.

►Statement or Question? Read each sentence below. Decide if it needs a (.) or a (?) at the end.

►Cause and Effect (Cut and Paste) (Diary of a Spider)

►2 Journal Pages

►Write about it! (Write a sentence to go with each picture below.

►Vocabulary Words Booklet

►Brainstorm ~ What do you think of, when you think of Fall ? Then use words to write at least 4 complete sentences.

►Brainstorm ~ Describing Pumpkins

►Scrambled Sentences

►Contractions ~ Write the contraction for the 2 words

►Before and After (10 less, 10 More)

►Pickin’ Pumpkins ~ Picture Graph

►How Many Words Can You Make From: It’s Autumn?

►Odd or Even ~ Color code ~color in the chicks

►2 pages of Money ~ Write 4 ways to make?

►What goes in the box (+ 10,100, and -10, -100)?

►Fall Addition Facts ~ ( 2 -Digit problems, no regrouping)

►2 Pages of Fill in the missing numbers ~ puzzles from hundreds chart

►2 Pages of SFall ABC Order

►It’s Time ~ Draw the hands on the clocks to show the time given

►It’s Time ~ Write the time that is show on the clock

►2 Pages of Roll, Add, and Color (2 dice)

►2 Pages of Roll, Add, and Color (3 dice)

►2 Pages of Roll, Double, Add and Color (1 die)

►2 Pages of Roll, Double, +1, Add, and Color (1 die)

►2 Pages of Roll, Double, +10, Add, and Color (1 die)

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