Teaching 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Hitting Reboot

There are so many lessons that we teach over and over again each year to the point that we sometimes fall into a rut of materials and ideas. We forget that we sometimes need a refresh to enjoy the lesson again. Teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction is one of those things for me. I was stuck and because of that my kids were not connecting as well. So, like the superheroes that we are, I hit reboot on my resources. I developed a series of worksheets that can be used for introductions of the material, both independent and group work and some that could even be turned into games for your students. I made sure to cover regrouping and no regrouping problems so that students had plenty of practice to show off their skills.

Easy Independent Work

Teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction

These worksheets make excellent independent review work for students. You could also use them for an assessment to make sure that your students are grasping the skill. Resources  are available for both addition and subtraction and include no regrouping and regrouping problems. They are easy to use when teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction.

Even or Odd?

Teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction

Once my students have a grasp on solving 3-digit addition and subtraction I like to add another step to our workflow. I have my students separate their answers into an even/odd chart. This connects multiple lessons and creates the necessary bridges in their skill sets. I will often have students solve the problems independently when I’m teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction, but then have them complete the even/odd chart in a small group.

Playing Games

Teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction

My Spin & Solve worksheet is one of my students’ favorites every time! This worksheet is great for small groups because there are multiple problems that can be created by the students. By allowing them to work together they can help check each other’s work and determine a final group answer to each problem. This worksheet is a must use when I am teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction.

A Little Dicey

Teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction

This resource is another one that is the perfect opportunity to make learning fun. After having students solve the problems independently, I allow them to work with an elbow partner to check their work. If they disagree, they have to defend their answer until they have one solution they can both stand behind. Then I pull out some dice and have them roll to create their own problems. Once their problem is created they race to see who can solve it correctly first. They love the competition that this one creates.

Making Comparisons

Teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction

I love when I have an opportunity to connect lessons together. When I am teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction I am able to add in several previous lessons. One of those is comparing numbers. My students spend time answering some problems and then they have to compare the answers they get. Are they greater than, lesser than or equal to or equal to one another. 

More Resources Available

Teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction

My bundle resource has everything you need for teaching 3-digit addition and subtraction. There are opportunities for fun learning and easy to use resources for independent, small and large groups and assessments.  

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