Money Worksheets

Elementary students are always excited to learn about money! It is something they are familiar with, and they love to spend. So, teaching money is a topic filled with high levels of engagement and interest. Thankfully, these money worksheets create the perfect way for students to begin showing responsibility and understanding behind the value of each coin! 

Money Worksheets

Financial Responsibility 

While kids may wish to grow up faster, they don’t want all the responsibilities of being an adult. Honestly, adulting is hard! There are so many difficult decisions to make, and money is often a driving factor behind them. This is why teaching money with money worksheets is so important! They will help students understand how hard their parents work and how to appreciate what they have. Additionally, they will gain insight into when to spend and save as they collect allowances and birthday money. 

Bundle Options 

Every classroom has different needs. So, there are three bundles to ensure there is something for every classroom. 

Small Money Worksheets Bundle 

If you’re working on counting money with your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-grade classrooms, you NEED these resources! They are my best-selling money worksheets with my newest money set. 

The first set focuses on identifying coins, a Make it Match game, and Balance the Amounts activity. Additionally, there are activities where students select a certain amount of money and even go shopping! There are so many engaging activities to ensure students understand each coin and its value. 

Money Worksheets

In the second set, students will work on the highest value, showing amounts through coins, and counting on. Students will also work on money matching and greater than, less than, and equal to. There are so many interactive notebook activities to help students show their learning in multiple ways! 

Medium Money Worksheets Bundle 

This bundle includes the perfect activities when teaching money! 

Specifically, it includes money worksheets and a money booklet. Additionally, it includes a counting coins war game and a counting coins Write the Room activity. Students will love counting money through different formats. 

These will be the perfect activities for review or in math centers or stations. They are even great for homework, morning work, or fast finishers. 

Financial Responsibility

Large Math Worksheets Bundle 

This bundle has a fun and unique way for students to practice math skills: puzzles! Students will match problems with the corresponding answer as they work to unscramble the puzzle. 

Specifically, students will work on addition, subtraction, place value, telling time, and money. Additionally, students will work on 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, arrays, and fractions. 

Students will have so much fun working on these puzzles!

financial responsibility

For more great activities when teaching money, check out Money Worksheets! There are so many fantastic options to meet the needs of every student. 

Teaching money should be fun and hands-on! Thankfully, these money worksheets and games are the perfect resources to create so much learning in the classroom!

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money worksheets
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