2 and 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction

While in elementary school, students build a foundation of skills they will use throughout their lives. For instance, they learn how to read and write. As they get older, the texts become more complex, and the writing becomes longer. Similarly, students learn to add, subtract, regroup, and work with numbers in various ways. Then, they will apply these skills to advanced concepts as they get older. However, teachers know that if students cannot add and subtract quickly and accurately, they will continue to struggle. Thankfully, this won’t happen when using the 2- and 3-digit addition and subtraction worksheets! Students will gain so much confidence in their abilities with this practice. 

2 and 3 digit. addition and subtraction worksheets

2 Digit Worksheets for Addition and Subtraction 

If your students need extra practice with 2-digit addition and subtraction, these are the worksheets for you! Students will love working on these skills with this resource! 

Specifically, there are worksheets for 2-digit addition with regrouping and without regrouping. Then, some pages combine these aspects to ensure students pay attention to each problem. Likewise, there are pages for 2-digit subtraction with regrouping and without regrouping. After practicing, students will progress to pages that combine the two. There are even worksheets that combine 2-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. This is a great way to ensure students pay attention to their work. On top of this, there are pages of interactive spinners! 

Students will see how much fun practicing addition, and subtraction is with these worksheets. 

math activities

2 Digit Worksheets for Addition and Subtraction BUNDLE 

Students will gain so much confidence with the addition and subtraction worksheets. Thankfully, there is a bundle that includes 4 sets of worksheets. These include 2- and 3-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. 

Students will love seeing their growth with this practice!

Math Worksheets BUNDLE

Students often learn math best through consistent practice. So, this bundle includes tons of practice for essential 1st- and 2nd-grade skills. 

Specifically, this includes 2-digit addition with and without regrouping and the number of the day. It also includes addition facts and strategies along with 2nd-grade math worksheets. 

These worksheets are perfect for review, homework, morning work, and math centers and stations. They are even excellent for early and fast finishers. No matter how you use them, students will love to see their growth! 

math bundle

Extra Practice 

Building math skills takes a lot of time and practice! So, check out the Extra Practice for 2 and 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction! Students will enjoy all of the fun and engaging activities. 

While math is tough to learn, it is absolutely essential. Students will use math daily, so they must develop a strong foundation. Thankfully, these 2- and 3-digit addition and subtraction worksheets make math fun and exciting! Students will gain so much confidence with these activities. 

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