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Hey friends! Happy New Year!

This time of year is always fun, but crazy. Trying to get students back into the swing of things after a long awaited break is never easy. This got me thinking about some tools that teachers can use in the classroom to help those active learners.

Tip #1: Build Movement into Your Schedule

Movement is a good thing! My favorite way to incorporate movement is through centers and solve the room activities. My students go nuts for this activity. It gives them a goal and purpose while being able to freely move around the room! I have some great solve the room activities in my store and you can check them out {HERE}.

Tip #2: Brain Breaks and GoNoodle

Have you heard of this website? I’m sure you have by now, but if not, these videos are a gold mine and easy to incorporate into the classroom. The best part is these videos are not just for your fidgety students, but for all kiddos. And it’s FREE! Who doesn’t love free?! I love the Koo-Koo Kangaroo videos and Zumba! These are perfect after your students have been sitting for a long time, during transitions, or anytime you notice your students just need to “get the wiggles out!” As you complete different videos, your classroom “monster” grows! Kids will love it! Check out GoNoodle and let me know which videos are your favorite!

Tip #3: Fidgets

Fidgets are a great tool to channel restlessness. I should preface this by saying that fidgets do require a little bit of pre-teaching because you don’t want them to be misused. For fidgets to be effective, they should be silent, inexpensive tools that are safe, tactile and not toys!  When you incorporate fidgets into your classroom correctly, they can help refocus students and help to decrease those distracting behaviors like tapping, clicking, drumming, etc. You can find some of my favorite fidget toys here, here and here.

Tip #4: Bouncy Bands

This is by far my favorite tool for your active learners in the classroom. These bouncy bands can stretch easily across the legs of a chair or on the front of a student desk. When your students are working and need to let out some energy, they can put their feet on the band and push forward. It gives an active learner a chance to “move” and release energy without distracting others. If you’re interested in getting a few for your classroom, check out the Bouncy Bands here.

Tip #5: Do You Wobble?

Wobble baby, wobble baby! These chairs are a great alternative for seating. I love them because they take up very little room, are colorful, and allow wiggling without being distracting. They are a tad bit on the expensive side so it is something you might have to incorporate into the classroom over time, but it will definitely be worth it!

Well, there you have it! I hope these top five tips for helping active learners in the classroom help you combat these first few weeks back into the classroom. I’m dying to know which ones you try or what is already working for you in the classroom.

What are some tips that you use in the classroom to help combat the extra energy coming back from a long break?

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