The Best Apps for Teachers and Educators

There’s an app for pretty much everything. Teachers are always looking for the newest apps they can start implementing into the classroom today. There are definitely way more apps out there for teachers than just the ones I’m talking about today, but these are some of the ones I can’t live without!

Class Dojo

class dojo

Class Dojo is a classroom management and communication app for the classroom. It helps to foster an amazing classroom community. It connects teachers and parents who can use it to share photos, videos, and messages through the school day. You can also use it to make groups, monitor voice level, randomize, and more! I talk more about Class Dojo over at this post.


Kahoot is a great assessment tool to use with your students that fun and engaging! Teachers can create quizzes from material in the classroom or they can search the library for pre-made “kahoots.” (my motto is, “work smarter, not harder!”) Students use a unique classroom pin to answer questions and teachers can assess how well the students did, or a topic that needs reteaching. Check out the video below for more info!


Educreations teacher app

Educreations is great for creating a “flipped” style classroom. This can work extremely well to assist students with their homework. Basically, this is a whiteboard and you can write and draw on, but you can also screen and voice record as you are doing it. If there was a complicated math problem your class worked through in class, you can upload a video of this problem being solved by YOU to your class website for students or parents to watch. It will be great for students to review come test time as well.


Ipad showing apps with markers and pencils on each side.

Do you like mind-mapping?! How about incorporating a digital mind-map into your classroom? That’s exactly what Popplet allows your students to do. These mind maps helps students to think and learn visually. Students can incorporate both images and words to describe a topic, idea or content area.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an amazing app to utilize, specifically if the technology at your school is 1:1. This app organizes all of the G-Suite apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.) and allows teachers to create and assign class work for each individual class.

ChatterPix Kids

If you have not heard or tried ChatterPix, you need to stop what you’re doing and go download it! This app allows students to take a picture of anything and make it talk! Think about the possibilities you could use this for: a historical figure project, an invention, book reports, or even an animal study! This would be a perfect way to differentiate classroom presentations!

Teacher apps shown on an Ipad that a girl is holding.
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