Winter Fun Packet

As students walk into the classroom, there are many coats, hats, gloves, and scarves! While winter may be freezing, it brings a magical feeling to the classroom. Students are so excited about the first snow and being able to play in the winter wonderland. While it is fantastic to see their excitement, it does add a challenge to teaching lessons. Teachers have to ensure winter activities in the classroom are engaging to help students stay focused in the classroom versus dreaming of being outside. Thankfully, the winter fun packet and activities are ready to bring warmth and excitement to the classroom! 

Winter Activities in the Classroom

Winter Fun Packet 

Students love themed activities! Thankfully, this packet is the perfect way to bring fun and engagement to the classroom. 

Specifically, there are 30 worksheets full of essential information students need to know. For instance, they will work on a mystery picture with a snowman, dot-to-dot pages with a penguin and sled, and a snowman and tree maze. Students will even work on festive color-by-numbers and symmetrical pictures with snowflakes and cookies. There are so many amazing activities in the winter fun packet! 

Best of all, the winter fun packet works in so many ways. For instance, it is great for morning work, independent work, homework, extra practice, in centers, or fast finishers. 

Math Activities for December

Winter Fun Packet #2

Students will love the winter fun packet so much. Thankfully, there is a second one! 

It is full of mystery pictures, color by number for addition, subtraction, sight words, and word searches. Additionally, there are crossword puzzles, mazes with math problems, and making word activities. There are directed drawings, crack-the-code, math puzzles, and secret words. 

Students will love working on the winter fun pockets however you assign them. 

Seasonal Fun Packet Bundle 

Students all work at different speeds. So, it is crucial to have something ready at all times. However, it is essential these items do not take the teacher away from helping students work on the current lesson. Thankfully, all the winter fun packets are perfect for students to pull out as soon as they finish their current lesson. 

Specifically, the bundle includes 21 early finisher packets. Each packet is 25-40 pages long and themed for a season or holiday. To keep the fun packets exciting, each one is slightly different. However, they will include consistencies so students know what to do. For example, they all have mystery pictures, color by number for addition and subtraction facts, and bookmarks. Additionally, there are pages for word searches and symmetry pictures. 

Students will love working on the activities in each winter fun packet! There is so much going on in December! So, it is essential to have engaging, interactive lessons ready at all times. Thankfully, the winter fun packet will be the perfect resource to have on hand!

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winter activities in the classroom
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