Winter Worksheets

Winter Weather is Here

Has anyone had snow yet? The temps are all over the place here, so snow yet, but we have had some cold days. Winter always feels a little drab by the end of it so I am always looking for some fun things to do with my students. However, I don’t want to spend an eternity planning. That is why using the set of Winter Worksheets covers all the bases. 


All the Winter Months

With over 60 pages included, the Winter Worksheets has enough to get you through several months. You have 41 math pages to use and 23 language art pages. Each worksheet is designed to require no prep for you. Just print, copy and go.


Multiple Uses

The Winter Worksheets have multiple uses in your classroom, allowing for great versatility. They are great for early finishers. By this point in the year you probably have several students who have pulled slightly ahead. They can be used in center time for your students. They also make great independent practice on new skills or sent home as extra practice.


Multiple Skills

Not only are the Winter Worksheets versatile in uses, they also cover multiple skills. Students will get practice in everything from drawing hands on a clock to fractions. There are worksheets on odd and even numbers and ordinal numbers. Students can then practice nouns, synonyms and antonyms. They will unscramble sentences and then complete graphic organizers. 


Winter Fun

We all need a little winter fun to get through the cloudy days. The Winter Worksheets are packed full of fun for your students. They are also easy to grade for you, so you will have some time for fun too. Winter whimsy in your classroom is only a few clicks away. 

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