Abraham Lincoln Hat Weave Activity

Abe Lincoln is well known for his stovepipe hat. In any picture he’s in, he is most likely wearing that hat. It’s amazing! It is also what inspired this Abraham Lincoln Hat Weave craft. This craft is great because there is so much history to go with it. Not only can you do a fun craft together, but you can also learn a lot of history along the way!

This Abraham Lincoln Hat Weave craft is a great way to learn through play. Make a fun craft together, and learn a lot of history along the way! #abrahamlincoln #abelincolnshat #weaveactivitiy #learnthroughplay #teachingsecondgrade | Learning Through Play | History | Abraham Lincoln | Abraham Lincolns Hat | Weaving Craft | Kids Activities

How much is the hat worth today?

Without a doubt, Abraham Lincoln stood out from the crowd because he wore these amazingly tall hats. It’s no joke that these hats helped give him height, which he didn’t need. One of his hats was bought for 6 million dollars by a museum focused on just Abe Lincoln. How incredible is that? If the hat were to sell again, who knows how much it would be worth. This hat has a lot of history too it and it’s really cool that it’s in a museum.

How weaving helps with fine motor skills

With this Abraham Lincoln Hat Weave Craft, your child is going to learn a lot about fine motor skills. Weaving helps with fine motor skills by helping develop hand-eye coordination. Weaving helps children hold something still while concentrating as well. Fine motor skills develop as the child has to weave the paper in and out. The more a child weaves, the better they get at it and the better their hand-eye coordination gets.

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Abraham Lincoln Hat Weave Activity FREE



Black, skin color and grey cardstock

Abraham Lincoln Template – Sign up below to receive it in your inbox.

Google eyes

Glue stick


Black marker

Paper cutter (optional)


First, print the template and cut out all the pieces.

Next, trace and cut the smallest oval-shaped piece from the skin-colored cardstock.

Similarly, trace and cut the remaining 3 pieces from the black cardstock.

Take the tall rectangle template and fold it in half vertically with the printed lines going horizontal. Fold the matching black rectangle the same.

Stack the white template on top of the black piece with the folds matching. While holding both pieces together, cut along the fold using the template lines so both papers are being cut.

Then take the long black strip piece and glue it across the bottom of the tall black piece to form the top hat.

Now use the paper cutter (or scissors) to cut six, half-inch strips from the grey paper.

Next, take the strips and weave them through the cuts on the big rectangle piece.

Trim and glue the ends down.

Let’s move on to the face. Take the large black oval and glue the skin-colored oval on top.

Pop on some google eyes and draw on a smile.

Finally, glue the top hat to the head and the Abraham Lincoln Hat Weave craft is complete!

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