Dr. Seuss’s Lorax Paper Plate Craft

Dr. Suess left quite the impression on the world but one of the most amazing things he left us was the Lorax. In honor of Dr. Suess and everything he has given us, I wanted to introduce you to the Lorax Paper Plate Craft. This craft is a fun thing to do to honor Dr. Suess and all the amazing things he did in the name of reading and literature. The Lorax is a fun creature and the kids are going to have a ton of fun putting it together.

The Lorax is a fun creature and kids love putting together this Lorax Paper Plate Craft. A fun thing to do to honor Dr. Suess. #drseuss #lorax #paperplatecraft #teachingsecondgrade #kidsactivity #kidscrafts | Easy Kids Activity | Dr Seuss Craft | Paper Plate Crafts | Dr Seuss Lorax | Easy Kid Craft

The Lorax was previously banned, did you know?

This may be hard to believe but this amazing book The Lorax was banned in 1989 in a California school. Because the book portrayed logging in a negative light, it was banned to not turn children against what was being done in the logging industry. Of course, it’s not banned anymore, but this is a good example of a great book being banned for reasons that aren’t always understood.

Is the Lorax an animal?

Most of us have read The Lorax, in the book you may be wondering what in the world the Lorax is. Is he a bird? Is he a gorilla? What is he? Well, he is a “patas monkey.” His relationship with the truffula tree is actually a real-life monkey and tree (the patas monkey and the whistling thorn acacia.

Why is The Lorax Called the Lorax?

In the book, The Lorax has a lot to say. Many people don’t know why he is called the Lorax and why that is his name. He is called this because he is speaking up for those around him. He’s speaking up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. The Lorax is a fun book but it’s also telling an amazing story of what will happen if we’re not careful with our earth.

Lorax Paper Plate Craft



Paper plate

Orange paint


Quick-dry tacky glue or school glue

Lorax Template File



Print the Lorax Template file of your choosing.

If printing with cutting machine, upload the correct file to your software. Resize the images to fit one single 8 ½ by 11 page. Select to print and cut. Be aware that the SVG and EPS files are in black and white. If you choose to print in color, you will need to set those colors within your software manually.

To create the Lorax, paint the paper plate orange and allow it to dry completely.

Glue on the nose and mustache.

Add the Lorax’s eyes and eyebrows.

How cute is this Lorax Paper Plate Craft!?


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