Back to School Grid Puzzles


A New Year

The start of school is right around the corner. I can almost feel the slight (ok, some days major) chaos of the first few days. There is so much excitement, but there is also so much that has to get done. It is also important to begin routines that you want followed for the year from day one, consistency is key! I have found that one way to do that is to have work ready for my students when they walk in the door. But this can’t be just any work…they need something fun to capture their attention. One of my favorite activities is my back to school grid puzzles


Review Time

My back to school grid puzzles are the perfect review for your students. They cover a few different topics that students should have mastered in First Grade. This simple puzzle allows me to quickly see where my students need more help. There is a puzzle for vowel sounds, basic addition and subtraction, antonyms, rhyming words and tally marks. 


Independent Work

We all know that we need independent work in the first days of school. There is so much going on and sometimes we need the majority of students to be working semi quiet at their desk. The back to school grid puzzles are created for independent work for second grade students. 


Fun Time

One of the most important things about the back to school grid puzzles is they are fun for your students! I know that my students love to cut and color just about anything, and these puzzles fit the bill!


The back to school grid puzzles can be reused for early finishers or extra practice throughout the year. You can create a master puzzle and laminate it to save the paper. Add some velcro dots to the pieces and the guide sheet for easy placement. Because the finished puzzle creates a picture, they are self-checking for students and easy to use over and over. 

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