Back to School Color by Code

Easy Planning

Back to school carries so many emotions with it…excitement, chaos, feeling overwhelmed. I know that I go home every night those first few weeks utterly exhausted. The last thing that I want to think about is detailed lesson planning. The Back to School Color by Code makes for easy planning, the perfect answer.


What do my students already know?

At the beginning of each year I plan activities that will help me understand what skills my students have already mastered. I know that they should have mastered 2 digit addition with no regrouping. I love to use the Back to School Color by Code worksheets to make sure none of them are struggling with this skill.


Looking for Fun

Especially in the first few days I like to try to do fun activities with my students. I want them to learn and I definitely want to find out what they already know, but it is important that they enjoy what they are doing. The Back to School Color by Code meets all of those requirements. 


Six Different Pages

The Back to School Color by Code worksheets come with six different pages to give you plenty of options. Each page works the students through basic two digit addition with no regrouping. After they solve the problems they can color the picture following the code.


Math Centers

One of my favorite ways to use the Back to School Color by Code worksheets is in my math centers. The skill is one most of my students have mastered and the directions are easy to follow. This means that I am free to work with those students who might need a little more one on one attention. 

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