Fun Ways to Teach Math this Summer

Although school is over in May, you might be looking for fun ways to teach math this summer. I for one am an advocate for giving kids opportunities to continue learning throughout the summer months. This is something that doesn’t have to be as formal as the classroom. In fact, it can happen in everyday life. Below are some of my best tips for keeping your kid’s brain sharp through the summer and prepared for a new school year.

Fun Ways to Teach Math this Summer

The truth of the matter is most students will lose important math skills they worked so hard to learn throughout the year. This doesn’t have to be the case, especially when math can be incorporated into fun summer activities. Here are a few to share with your student’s parents and to do with your own kids as well.

Count things in nature.

Since most kids will be spending a lot of time outside, it would be fun to have them count some things they see. From sticks and rocks to birds and butterflies, give your kids the opportunity to put two and two together. They can create fun things with the sticks they’ve collected or even start a rock collection. Have them keep up with the number of things they find and plug them into a graph.

Create jumping mazes.

Jumping mazes not only help kids get their energy out, but they also help them remember important math facts. All you need are some sidewalk chalk pieces and a game plan. Start with the good ol’ hopscotch or build a number maze that takes some addition and subtraction. They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t realize they’re still learning!

Make a hoola hoop clock.

This is the perfect way to put those big Dollar Store hoola hoops to work. Give each one of your kids their own hoola hoop and have them place it on the driveway, carport, or sidewalk. If they can do it themselves, have them write the numbers like on a clock on the inside of the hoop. Then have them collect a long stick for the minute hand and a shorter stick for the hour hand. Call out different times and challenge them to create the time on their hoola hoop clock!

Play a water balloon number toss game.

Similar to the same concept of jumping mazes, this time you’ll include some water balloon fun. Draw out a big grid and put numbers in each box. You can do them in ascending, descending, or random orders. Then you can choose different ways to have them splash numbers. Consider having them add or subtract numbers to get an answer or pick a random number to find. The possibilities are endless!

Use a summer math packet.

Sometimes days get too hot and kids would much rather stay inside. No worries! This is where a printable Summer Math Packet would come in handy. This summer daily math review is great practice so students don’t experience the Summer Slide. It can be used for review for 2nd graders going into 3rd or introduce these skills to 2nd graders before the year starts.

Final Thoughts

Summer is a fun time for kids, but it doesn’t mean they have to stop

learning. Use the suggestions mentioned above to help keep your kid’s brain sharp and ready to learn more!

Fun ways to teach math this summer.
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