January Math Worksheets

It is January…Again

This time of year is always difficult for me. The days just seem so long and I feel so tired all the time. So anything that makes my life easier right now is my new best friend. We all need all the help we can get, right? So the January Math Worksheets are my new best friend!


So Many Pages

There are over 45 pages included in the January Math Worksheets. Every skill is covered in two formats. One is easier and one is more challenging. This means that every student can get what they need. It is almost like the differentiation is done for you. Remember, we are going easier here!


All the Skills

The January Math Worksheets cover all the skills you need. Everything from Standard Form to Reading a Thermometer is there. There are several different types of addition and subtraction. Your students will also practice telling time and in and out boxes. In all, there are 26 skills covered.


The Uses

Like I said before, I am only into things that make my life easier right now…so that means that whatever I use in my classroom has to meet multiple needs. The January Math Worksheets is that resource. I can use it for independent practice, homework or even math centers. They are easy and require no-prep from me. And my students like that some of them have puzzles and coloring.


Want More?

Already planning ahead? Then you need to check out the other resources that are easy and no-prep also. I make sure that all my resources meet multiple needs and your students will love the variety that is included. Right now you may want to peek at the January Math Worksheets Bundle. With the bundle you will find even more math worksheets!

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