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Paper bag puppets are a bit of nostalgia with all the fun wrapped in. There are so many different options and things that you can do with them. You can use them for a literacy extension, creative play or art time. I want to share some of my favorite paper bag puppets that are perfect for the classroom. Which one will you make first? 

Penguin Paper Bag Puppet Craft For Kids

Penguins are the perfect mascot for winter. They are absolutely adorable and watching their antics always puts a smile on my face. With just a few materials that you most likely already have in the classroom your students can create their own penguin to play with. {via Simple Everyday Mom}


Paper Bag Elephant

The paper bag elephant is another zoo animal favorite. This one comes with an easy to use template making it easy for little hands to manipulate on their own. {via Simple Mom Project}


Thing 1 and Thing 2

Is there anything better than Dr. Seuss? Everything seems so magical and that still holds true for the Thing 1 and Thing 2 paper bag puppets. This one is best made with foam sheets so that the templates for the head, arms and legs hold their shape. What a great addition to art time for Dr. Seuss Day coming up in March! {via Frugal Mom-Eh!}


Crocodile Paper Bag Puppet

The Crocodile Paper Bag Puppet is quick and easy. The available template is cute and ready for little hands. The stories that can be told with these puppets are only restrained by your students’ minds. {via Easy Peasy and Fun}


Paper Bag Owl Puppets

Need something to provide hours of imaginative fun? Look no further than the Paper Bag Owl Puppet. I love that this one can be made in so many different colors, showing off the personality of your students. The template makes it simple with some variety of colored paper. {via Artsy Momma}

Paper Bag Monkey Craft

There are so many animals that can be easily turned into paper bag puppets. The paper bag monkey craft is always a class favorite. There is something about monkey sounds that just make a young child overjoyed. {via The Inspiration Edit}


Fox Paper Bag Puppet

The template included for the Fox Paper Bag Puppet makes this craft super easy. Your students can work on fine motor skills by cutting it out and gluing down. And then there are plenty of books that have a fox as one of the main characters for your students to act out. {via Simple Everyday Mom}


Pirate Paper Bag Puppet

Messy Little Monster has created a super cute Pirate Paper Bag Puppet. Your students can choose between a boy and a girl and can even change up the colors of their pirates. {via Messy Little Monster}


Paper Bag Zebra

The cute stripes of the Paper Bag Zebra Puppet will keep your little ones occupied for hours. You can teach the triangle shape, fine motor skills and imagination with this craft. {via The Inspiration Edit}


Paper Dad Bag Puppets

This Paper Dad Bag Puppet is complete with googly eyes and unique hair. Students can choose their favorite colors for their dad and even have fun with a creative tie. {via Our Kid Things}


Paper Bag Monster Puppets

Not all monsters have to be scary. Show your students the fun side of monsters with these Paper Bag Monster Puppets. {via I Heart Crafty Things}


Toy Story Paper Bag Puppets

I love anytime I can throw in a Disney Classic! The Toy Story Paper Bag Puppets are always a class favorite. From the little green aliens to the adorable pink pig, your students will be overjoyed with this one. {via Views from a Step Stool}


Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

Yoda is another class favorite with my little ones. And he always has some wisdom to share. Your students will love the Yoda Paper Bag Puppet and sharing all of their  favorite Star Wars stories. {via Glue Sticks & Gum Drops}


There are so many options for fun paper bag puppets that are easy to make in your classroom. And there are so many different lessons that they can be used with during literacy time. Do you have a favorite? 

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