November Morning Work



My morning work bundles are seriously some of my favorite resources. The reason I love them so much is that they make my life easier. I need to have something ready for my students from the minute they walk in the door. This simple step makes our mornings so much better, they are focused on work and routine and I can get all the checklists taken care of. So you can bet I’m using the November morning work when the calendar changes over.



As always, the November morning work covers plenty of math skills. Your students can practice counting money, number order, adding 100 and more. These are all skills that your students should have already mastered and need to maintain for growth or skills that you will typically be teaching during the month of November. The resource grows with them and the challenges grow as well.


Language Arts

Equally as important, the November morning work has plenty of language arts skills. These skills, like the math ones, are appropriate for this time of year. Your students will complete fun learning on L blends, ABC Order, Rhyming, Plural Nouns and many other skills. Your students should be able to complete these sheets independently and then you can review as a class.


Don’t Need Morning Work?

Do you already have a routine for morning work for your students that is working perfectly? There are many other uses for the November morning work resource. You can use these during center time for extra practice. Or you can have students complete them for homework for extra skill work. There is also the option to pull out the sheets during those weird minutes before specials where you need to keep the students focused and orderly.


So Much More

If you love the November Morning Work as much as I do (and my students) then you need to check out the rest of my morning work bundles. Each month focuses on just the right skills. And they are no prep for you. You simply copy and have them laid out and ready to go. It is the best of everything all rolled into one package. You can’t go wrong. 

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