Valentine’s Day Worksheets

The Season of Love

This time of year we are all struggling with the dreary days of winter, I know. But it can also be such a fun time of learning in your classroom. After all, this is the season of love and your students can love what you are working on. If you need some 1st or 2nd grade math and literacy resources check out the Valentine’s Day Worksheets.


Fun + No Prep

The Valentine’s Day Worksheets include 46 pages of fun, no-prep activities. Students will complete math and literacy through coloring, cutting and pasting and more. Students are sure to love these worksheets and you will love all that they learn.



There are multiple skills covered in the Valentine’s Day Worksheets. Your students will practice with nouns and spelling. They will also show their understanding of syllables and nouns and adjectives. All of these skills can be tied into a writing assignment to finish out the unit or month.



For math students will practice drawing hands on a clock and recognizing odd and even numbers in the Valentine’s Day Worksheets. They will fill in the missing numbers and solve addition problems. There are even worksheets for expanded form. They will cut and color their way to knowledge.


Loving All the Uses

The Valentine’s Day Worksheets can be used in so many ways in your classroom, making them an even better purchase. I use them the most for seat work after reviewing a skill. But many teachers use them for math stations or homework. They can even be put in a folder for early finishers if needed. With so many uses I know you will find a way to put all 46 pages to good use.

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